Manufacturing is our Business

Turning shipping containers into mobile hospitality venues is in itself a pretty cool concept. Where once there were walls, now there are floors. Where once there was a corrugated metal, now there’s a 42” LCD television. Where once there was a dark enclosure used to transport goods around the world, now there is 500 square feet of open, inviting space to engage and entertain people. And that’s just our standard hospitality suites.

Since modifying our first shipping container back in 2009, we’ve learned that these logistical workhorses can be virtually anything. From Google using us as an interactive village at the TED conference, to Red Bull commissioning us to create a mobile convenience store (complete with refrigeration), we’re becoming quite adept at turning these massive metal containers into useful, relevant and just plain cool spaces for any occasion.

We also provide development services independent of our other services. For example, if you already have a design, we can fabricate containers to your exact specifications.