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From Outside to Inside: Designing the Whole Event Experience


What’s the one detail that will turn a mildly interested event-goer into a wildly enthusiastic brand ambassador? When is the tipping point between like and love? Where do they find the motivation to follow your brand, check it out online, or visit a physical location? It could be the excitement they get from interacting with […]

3 Ways Shipping Container Architecture Can Be Used In Retail


Shipping container architecture provides endless, cutting-edge possibilities for retail design, ranging from pop up jewelry shops, to fixed structures such as block-long shopping malls. Here are three ways shipping containers can be used in retail: 1. Pop-up Store Pop up retail provides organizations with flexibility and versatility. Small, well-designed units are the ideal place to […]

Pop-Up Retail – Boxman Style


Pop-up retail may not be a new idea but it does seem to be a trend that is gaining momentum. In the past, major retailers and other B-to-C companies have traditionally spent significant resources on in-depth research and economic forecasting to determine where they should consider opening new brick-and-mortar store locations. Lately, however, more and […]