Containers for Human Use

Since making their debut in the 1950s, intermodal shipping containers have revolutionized global trade by connecting people and goods. In recent years, containers have taken center stage once again in the architectural and urban design industries. From a mall in London, to an 11,000 square foot mobile retail and dining venue, shipping containers are changing how people live, shop, learn, eat, and recreate in cities around the world.

When a container is decommissioned, it’s either melted down to become steel beams, or is put out to pasture where it sits around rusting away. Thanks to innovative thinking, we’ve now begun to utilize the surplus of decommissioned containers in new and exciting ways.  We’re Boxman Studios and since 2008, we’ve designed, developed, and deployed repurposed shipping containers for the Event and Trade Show industries. And now, because of demand for sustainable solutions in urban infrastructure, we’ve created a division committed exclusively to the Built Environment.

Versatile, sustainable, and virtually indestructible shipping containers are a less expensive option than traditional building materials and are a perfect solution for dense urban corridors. Whether it’s retail space, office structures, restaurants, vertical gardens, multifamily residential, sports venues, or any other use within the Built Environment, we have the experience of working with the medium, and the resources necessary to turn any concept into a reality.

Contact our Buildings Division Director, Jim Curtis at 704-333-3733 (or to learn more about how we can help you utilize container architecture for the Built Environment.

Boxman Haiti 2
Boxman Haiti 1 BoxtownRenderings by Cluck Design Collaborative