4 Benefits Of Shipping Container Pop Up Retail Space


Retailers aren’t waiting for customers to find them anymore; they’re bringing products right to customers. Building a pop up retail space from a modified shipping container is an ideal way to be a part of this movement.

Pop up retail has become trendy, from boutique clothing stores to taco stands. But retailers can really stand out in the crowd with the industrial-chic appeal of shipping container architecture.

Here are some features of repurposed shipping containers as pop up retail:

1. Vertical Space:

At the 2012 Boston Marathon, Adidas maximized the vertical space on their shipping container walls, creating vignettes that drew customers to the environment before stepping into the retail space.

Pop up retail brings a crowd. You can keep them interested with the extensive exhibition space on the vertical walls. Customers can move through the display at their own pace, organically drawn inside to your point of sale.

2. Mobile – Take it to Your Target Market: 

Nike designed a repurposed shipping container to reach its lacrosse market, making 38 stops in 52 days across the U.S.

Take your product directly to your target market. If you manufacture baseball gloves, create a pop up event by bringing your box to a game. Shipping container architecture offers virtually limitless location flexibility. Do what makes sense on event day. These containers can be shipped worldwide.

Spend more time and energy with customers at your event, and less time unpacking boxes and stocking shelves. Your inventory travels packed in and ready to go.

3. Web Access and Electricity:

Repurposed shipping containers are equipped with electrical generators and can be set-up as Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling merchants to check inventory at larger retail locations and process orders right on site.

Municipalities have differing regulations on generator usage. Boxman Studios can help you determine what needs to be done to keep your pop-up compliant, and even offer solar power solutions.

4. 100% Customizable = Completely In-line With Your Brand:

A shipping container is a blank canvas. With client feedback, we handle the design, development, and deployment of your customized pop up retail space.

Shipping containers offer immense flexibility, even after delivery. Retailers can open or close doors depending on the size of their space. The units lock up tightly at night; no need to think about renting storage space for collateral materials or hiring overnight security.

These boxes aren’t tents — which is good because shoppers are not wowed by tents. A tent cuts off the environment, unlike a repurposed shipping container with its flexible configuration and inviting lay-out.

Shipping containers are truly open-concept spaces perfect for a pop up event and retail space. If you can dream it up, we can create it.