3 Business Tips for On-Demand Retail Newbies


If your pop-up shop or On-Demand Retail space has left you feeling a little frazzled or lost, you’re not alone. The well established brick-and-mortar stores can have a difficult time navigating the competitive retail world. So, how can you make the most of your nomadic shop or service? Check out our tips for making the most of moving around.

Be flexible with your location

Where you put your container is just as important as what’s inside it. So, location should be a point of consideration when you’re thinking of your retail goals and how you will reach them. Here’s where it gets tricky. Your location can and should dictate the layout of your On-Demand Retail space. Is it a high traffic area? Maybe you should consider a linear layout with the entrance and exit on opposite ends. This allows people to start at the start and end at the end, creating a free flowing, friction reducing buyer’s journey. Trying to get people to stay a while? Emulate a third-place design with cozy seating, a wider footprint and tons of open space for browsing.

The beauty of having a mobile, on-demand retail space is the ability to move. Traditional stick-and brick stores aren’t able to exercise flexibility with their location. On-Demand retail can help support the success that comes from a nomadic business model.

Consider the season

Retail is seasonal by nature. No matter what you’re selling- there’s an on and off season. Some feel the wax and wane more than others, but it’s still there. So, when planning your pop-up consider your audience. Florists should make some room for the weekend before mother’s day. Athletic stores should note local marathons or color runs. Western apparel stores should think about this summer’s country concert count-down. Think about the events that may cause an increase in traffic, and strategically locate your On-Demand store in an area with a high-density of your target market.

Currency doesn’t have to mean money

Not all that glitters is gold and not all that’s valuable is money. There are plenty of value-adding contributions that don’t cost your customers a dime (so they think). Pop-ups are starting to exchange tokens, samples, and swag for mentions, tweets, likes, favorites – the list goes on .. and on. If you’re not hip to the social scene, decide what will add value to your business and offer small favors in exchange. Referring a friend in exchange for a branded keychain or cozies is a well-used substitute in the industry. And, this helps you develop lasting and loyal connections with your clientele, so the next time you pop up, they’ll be first in line.

On-Demand Retail isn’t a walk in the park, but with a thoughtful look at your target markets, location, timing and value-add promotions you’ve got a bright future ahead. To find out more about how to bring your pop-up retail experience to life, contact us.

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