Should I Buy Or Rent A Shipping Container For My Pop Up Event?


We’re faced with this quandary all the time. Should I buy a home or rent? Should I purchase a car or lease? Should I make the commitment to buy all five seasons of Breaking Bad or just subscribe to Netflix? Deciding whether you should buy or rent a shipping container is not so different. There are pros and cons for each, and together, we can come up with a solution that works for your needs and your brand.
Boxman Studios will help design, build, and deliver an effective shipping container brand experience, regardless of whether you buy or rent.

Reasons To Buy:

1. Complete Customization. When you purchase your shipping container experience, we build it exactly to your specifications. If you need a highly specialized building, such as a multi-story or multi-container structure, our purchasing option is more streamlined and cost-effective option than trying to modify an existing structure to meet your needs. If you modify, you may end up paying considerably more for the container than if you’d built it from scratch.

2. Longer Engagements. There are no strict timelines for owning vs. renting, but for long-term campaigns, buying can make more financial sense. For a yearlong tour, for instance, the cost of renting often exceeds that of owning.

3. Open-Ended Options. After the close of a tour, Boxman Studios can store your container or do an “upfit” so it can keep evolving and serving your needs in new, creative ways.

For some customers, these reasons make sense. But are they enough to take the purchasing plunge?

Reasons To Rent:

1. Try It Before You Buy It. If you are considering a custom build and have never experienced a shipping container activation or installation before, renting can give you the opportunity to explore different elements and determine what works best for your brand goals. Maybe you learn that your particular audience didn’t use the indoor lounge but loved the outdoor seating and awnings. Next time, you can incorporate what worked, and leave out what didn’t, or tell us and we can fix this immediately so you can continue your tour with a container that meets your needs. “Rental” doesn’t mean off-the-shelf. Everything we do at Boxman Studios has an element of customization.

2. Ideal For Shorter Or One-Time Events. For some events, buying may not be the best financial or logistical choice. If it’s a weekend once a year, or a week-long tradeshow every two years, for example, renting may be the most convenient way to create a brand experience for your audience.

3. Inventory Management. Many companies prefer to maintain a lean inventory and keep their overhead low to reduce tax or insurance implications. In this case, renting helps you manage your inventory in a way that is more advantageous.

4. Supplement To Owned Assets. We have a number of customers who purchase custom-built shipping containers and use them regularly throughout the year. They may have a show or venue where they can utilize a bigger footprint, so they choose to supplement their existing assets with rental units to ensure that they make the most impressive impact for those events.

Your experience with your shipping container will be your own; it is unique. And whether you buy or rent, Boxman Studios works with you to ensure that you achieve your brand objectives and give your audience an event they’ll remember.