How are Modified Shipping Containers Priced?


“How much?”

As the concept of using shipping containers for events, brand environments, and architectural spaces continues to catch on, this is almost always the first question we get asked when the phone rings. If you think that a used shipping container costs somewhere between $1,500 and $3,000 – you’d be half right. The problem is that this cost refers to an empty metal shell that has travelled the world for years on the backs of ships, trucks, and trains while filled with things like sneakers and wicker baskets. A finished container product that is safe for human inhabitation and interaction costs a lot more. Why? Because a lot more goes into making it safe and functional.

Think of it like this, if you walked into a bakery and said, “I want a cake. How much?” Do you think that the baker would throw a number out there without asking some questions first? Of course not. They’d ask you what kind of cake you wanted. Whether the cake was for a special occasion. How many people were expected to enjoy the cake. Whether there were any dietary restrictions. And so on. Only then, when all the relevant information is gleaned, can the baker give you the best recommendation and then narrow down a price for you.

The same thing applies to how we price our container projects. Everything we do is custom. Even our rental assets require some form of customization to give each brand their true ownership of the space. So in order to answer the question of price, we need to know the answers to some other questions first. For example:

How many containers do you need?

Aka how many friends are you inviting over for the birthday party? Is this a setting for 10 people, or 100? We understand how to maximize a footprint keeping into consideration things like traffic flow, and municipal codes, and we’ll suggest the ideal layout based on your goals and budget.

What functionality needs do you have?

Do you want an immersion experience? Popup retail? An exhibition space? By knowing your goals and what you define as a success in your space, we can match you with the perfect option. A romantic single slice of New York Cheesecake isn’t the same thing you’ll serve at a Southern family reunion (that answer is pound cake, by the way.)

Where will the containers be located, or is this part of a mobile tour?

This is another important question that affects price. Aside from having an in-house design and manufacturing team, we also maintain our own fleet of trucks. Which means we can deliver one-off activations, or move the event around the country. Are we delivering this bad boy a la “Ace of Cakes” style, or will you be picking it up?

How soon do you need them?

We usually ask for 45 business days to build the perfect custom structure just like a baker likes to schedule his or her production. Expediting is an option, but it does factor into cost.

We’re really happy to see people using shipping containers in new ways. And we look forward to helping your container project come to life. That’s why once we have the answer to a few core questions, only then can we answer the number one question that we’re asked every day.

Now where’s the closest bakery?