Why Use A Shipping Container Restaurant?


Shipping container restaurants are blowing up this year. Thanks to the industry’s evolving climate, elevated food quality, improved dining experiences, and increased consideration for convenience, restaurant groups are ripe for big innovations not only in the cuisine, but the location and venues themselves. We’ve seen a major influx in proprietors wishing to update their model, and sourcing shipping containers as the venue du jour. But why would you be interested in adding a shipping container restaurant to your food service portfolio?


If you don’t have enough time

We don’t believe in burying the lead here, so we’re starting off with the most important reason first. Every week your restaurant isn’t open, you’re losing 2% gross profit. That may sound like a small number, but imagine if your contractor missed his completion date by a month? Two? Three? This happens all the time for a wide range of reasons including weather, change orders, vandalized sites, incorrect estimates… the list goes on. We are a manufacturing facility that happens to specialize in a medium that allows us to turn around restaurant projects in half the time of stick and brick construction. So, if your stick and brick builder misses the date by 3 months, that’s a loss of approximately 24% of your annual gross revenue. If you choose our solution, you have the opportunity for an unexpected gain of 24%. Doesn’t sound so small anymore, does it?


If you might want to move around

Shipping containers were originally designed for easy mobility, so naturally that’s one of the pillars we’re most proud to stand upon. Because all our structures are built inside our facility in Charlotte, everything must be designed to be shipped. How it gets to you is flexible; think trains, planes, rigs, cranes, lifts, elevators and boats. Regardless of the transportation vessel, everything from the layout to materials used in fine finishes are curated to be shipped. Want to move three feet? Great! Want to move cross-country? We’ve got that too. Our deploy department is dense in experience in both the logistics and activation of semi-permanent restaurants.


If you want to test a new location

Whether you’re the CEO of a micro-chain looking to expand or a real estate developer assessing under-performing assets, there’s no substitute for a good, old-fashioned, low-commitment test. Container restaurants are unbelievably flexible, not only in their ability to be moved, but in their capacity to be customized for a variety of menus, aesthetics, and through-puts. With a testing kitchen in your toolbelt, you’re empowered to make informed decisions using real data.

If access to resources is important to you

Assuming mobility is the kicker for you, you’ve probably considered shipping container restaurants in the same vein as food trucks. Included in their many differences, food trucks have a maximum water supply capacity of 30-gallons. Once your water supply is gone, you must shut down, likely resulting in lost revenue, unhappy customers, and sad employees who’ve had their earning opportunity cut off at the knees. With shipping container restaurants, you get comparable mobility and the ability to tie into existing water supply, allowing you to operate beyond a Food Truck’s standard water capacity.

The value of repurposing shipping containers for food service is an easy connection to make. However, actually building one to code, obtaining the correct permits, and bringing it to your location is a challenge. Boxman Studios is the expert in designing, developing, and deploying the highest quality in shipping container restaurants. If you’d like more information about our process, download the eBook below, or fill out our contact form.